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Zombies Island 2 Shoot and slash up the attacking zombies on an island in this side-scroller game.

Zombies Island 2

Bath Salts Zombies Shoot at the zombies attacking from all directions using a truck mounted machine gun.

Bath Salts Zombies

I am Ultra Killer of Zombies Stand your ground and shot the attacking zombies before they reach you.

I am Ultra Killer of Zombies

I Kill Zombies Shoot at the zombies attacking walking out of the mist using a pistol.

I Kill Zombies

Back to Zombieland Help the zombie run away from angry villagers, jump on rats and collect gold coins.

Back to Zombieland

Left to Die Rambo is trapped in a jungle of zombies and must shoot them all to survive.

Left to Die

Zombie Eye Madness Give these zombies a bullet sandwich and clear each level.

Zombie Eye Madness

CS Zombies Battle Shoot down the laboratory personnel that have transformed into zombies.

CS Zombies Battle

Nazi Zombies Nazi zombies are deadly. Play as a soldier in limited light and shoot the attacking zombies.

Nazi Zombies

Dead and Forsaken Shoot at zombies with a crossbow, fill them with arrows and send them to hell.

Dead and Forsaken

Zombie Take Down Shoot all the approaching zombies before they attack you.

Zombie Take Down
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