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13 Days in Hell How fast can you hold off a swarm of zombies? Tip for survival... aim for the head!

13 Days in Hell

All Hallows Eve Snipe the horde of zombies before they attack your castle. Complete with upgrades and weapons.

All Hallows Eve

Army of the Dead This flash game has very detailed graphics. You must shoot the zombies all over their body to kill them.

Army of the Dead

Autumn War Command your swat team agaist an infected army of zombies in this strategic battle of Tug o' War.

Autumn War

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars The best and most current of the Boxhead series. Kill zombies and demons with many different weapons!

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

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Comatose Slaughter your way through campaign mode and survive the time trials in this birds-eye view zombie shooter.


CQC Mature language and violence makes this zombie killing game have high production value.


Dead Frontier: Night One Part 1 of a 3 part minigame series of a soon to be realeased zombie MMO. Night Two and Night Three are similar.

Dead Frontier: Night One

De-Animator A zombie flash game based on stories by H. P. Lovecraft. Shoot them while they're rising from the ground!


Died Hard Ride the elevator up floor by floor to kill more zombies and save more hostages. Make Bruce Willis proud!

Died Hard

Divine Intervention You play a priest seeking vengeance to cleanse zombies from earth in this beautifully made side scroller.

Divine Intervention

Endless Zombie Rampage In this birds-eye-view shooter, you must kill zombies while protecting your base. Save money to buy guns!

Endless Zombie Rampage

Graveyard of Drunken Souls Try to survive in this cartoonish yet difficult game. Choosing the look of your character is quite amusing.

Graveyard of Drunken Souls

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Shoot Zombies

Hungry are the Dead Prevent multiple zombies from entering your house by sniping them or throwing grenades at them.

Hungry are the Dead

Left 4k Dead A pun of Left 4 Dead, this entire self-contained Java based game is less than four kilobytes. Reload often!

Left 4k Dead

Letum There are many types of destructable zombies in Letum. Earn money to upgrade weapons and defenses.


Marksmen Kill zombies while you walk down the street. Toggle nightvision when night falls!


Project Validus These zombies move fast, so upgrade your speed as fast as you can in this overhead shooter.

Project Validus

Ultimate Down This stick figure shoot-em-up game has an array of different weapons, from pistols to grenades.

Ultimate Down

Zombie Grinder 60000 Heavy metal plays loudly while you blast zombies away (occasionally in slow motion) with a shotgun.

Zombie Grinder 60000

Zombie Horde 2 Stab and shoot! Protect yourself (and the scientist in survival mode) in this fast paced shoot out.

Zombie Horde 2

Zombie Survival: Special Mission Think of this retro game as the Metal Slug of zombie arcade thrillers. No tokens required!

Zombie Survival: Special Mission
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